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EmPowerME ADHD Scholarships

Buffalo Academy's founder, Mori, believes that all students, particularly all students with ADHD, regardless of income and economic status, should have equal access to all resources that are currently only available to wealthier students. 


The amount of scholarship depends on income level and covers 30% to 90% of the price of student support services.  This way, everyone with ADHD gets at least 30% of cost of student support services paid for by us.

EmPowerME scholarships provide CU students with super affordable

  • Academic Power 

  • Career Power

  • ADHD management Power

Every CU student with ADHD is eligible to receive scholarships for the following programs to help students achieve amazing academic and career success:

  • Tutoring

  • B-guarantee Program

  • Project Management & Study Skills

  • Focused & Relaxed Mind Skills

  • ADHD Management Program

  • Advanced Career Trainings and internships in

    • Actuarial modeling & Reserving​

    • Econometric modeling & Reserving

    • Financial Engineering & Analytics

    • Analytical Marketing

    • Global Risk Management

      • Credit Risk​

      • Market Risk

      • Operations Risk

      • Claims Risk

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"Academic & Career Coaching and Training ADHD", a nonprofit organization, and "Buffalo Analytics Training Multimedia" provide the funds for all scholarships.  All you have to do is to register and become a member of Buffalo Academy EmpowerME Club. 

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