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About Us

Protect your education


Invest in your time, money, and future with our B- Guarantee option.  Our requirements are simple and effective, and they absolutely require your motivation and hard work.

We Guarantee your GPA because we know the way to success.  You are also required to attend at least 90% of your lectures and recitations, and turn in all of the homework. We are here to help you master the subject and learn study skills given you do your fair share.  We teach you School in Balance!  Have Fun and Get Work Done!

Start Early Start no later than 15 days after your class starts (3 days for summer session).

Get Ahead Meet with your tutor 4-5 times a week for the first 4-6 weeks to get ahead of the class.

Study Skills Sign up for both Project management and Conscious Mind Programs

Stay Ahead During all other weeks, meet with your tutor 3-4 times per week depending on your progress (stay ahead).

No Skipping Do the assignments we ask you to do.  If you fail to do 3 or more of our assignments (for any reason), the guarantee is cancelled.

ADHD Coach You must notify us when signing up if you have been diagnosed with ADD, ADHD or other learning disabilities.  If you don't, the Guarantee is considered invalid.  Students with ADHD must do 1 additional tutoring per week, 1 additional coaching per week, and participate in our peer support program.

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